The Value of Cylinder Socket Block Play in Early Childhood

Cylinder socket block play is Montessori style teaching and learning at its finest. It’s such a simple and effective way to assist your little legend’s cognitive growth whilst having fun. As your child learns to grip each block and place them in the correct sized socket, they’re not only developing their fine motor skills, they’re enhancing their memory.

We, as parents, are facilitators in our child’s growth and we are responsible for helping our child form memories. Cylinder socket block play requires your child to remember matching sizes, which will take patience, repetition and encouragement.

The wooden blocks are designed to give your child sensory pleasure, as they learn to touch the smooth wooden blocks, and grip them in their little fingers and thumb. They will begin playing this game with no idea what to do, and very little patience to learn! It will come with time.

Through repetition, and showing our children how it’s done, then inviting them to try, slowly they will become more motivated. With our encouragement when they guess the right socket, they will become more determined to complete the task!

It’s truly a wonder to see how quickly children develop in their early years, with our support. Our little daughter began by using the blocks as milk bottles to feed her little figurines! So – the blocks not only function as a cognitive/memory game, but also as a prop to cultivate your child’s imagination.

A child’s imagination is based on their memory, as they access concepts that they have previously stored – in free play. For example – using the cylinder block as a milk bottle! Our children learn what a milk bottle is since birth, so the connection between cylinder blocks and a milk bottles absolutely makes sense!

Developing fine motor skills is crucial for a toddler, as they prepare for school. Learning to grip things in their fingers, and develop hand-eye co-ordination are essential practical skills. Cylinder socket block play is a magical, simple game which will assist in all these key areas, and it’s made from perfectly natural material – wood – which will strengthen their connection to the natural world.

Tips for cylinder socket block play:

  • Line-up the blocks in order, out of their sockets
  • Use a three-finger grip
  • Make lots of eye contact with your child
  • Demonstrate how to place them in the correct socket first
  • Let them have go
  • Then mess them up, arrange them in random order
  • Show your child once more how to do it
  • Let them go again!

What they are learning WHILE having fun:

  • Ability to observe and hand-eye co-ordination.
  • Visual discrimination of high and low, big and small.
  • Learn to reason and draw conclusions.
  • Trains sensitivity to sight, and problem solving.
  • Exercises children’s vision, brain power, and enhances memory.
  • Helps to cultivate interest and develop intelligence

What comes in a Blocks Imagination set:

  • 4 x Socket strips
  • 20 x Cylinders
  • 1 eco-friendly bag (to store your blocks and socket strips)

***NOTE: This product contains small parts that may not be appropriate for children under age 2. Adult supervision is required. ***

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