A Product Made From Pure Passion

Little Legend was born out of a mother and father’s passion for the ultimate responsibility, which is parenthood.

Seeing the positive, uplifting, calming impact nature had upon our baby girl led to us exploring this topic more and more. The environment she was in, and sensory experiences, determined her mood and ability to learn.

Thus, we made it our mission to surround her with a nature-inspired environment, and play, as often as possible. Mother nature has never let us down.

We naturally gravitated towards organic, chemical-free products for our girl, and when we discovered naturally-scented, homemade playdough it was a revelation for us.

A eureka moment. Our child, and all children we subsequently introduced the dough to, entered a state of high engagement, creativity and flow with this multi-sensory experience. They were learning through playing with this amazing product, and their brains went into overdrive.

We studied this topic more, and research that has been done, and concluded that pre-school children have a phenomenal ability to absorb and learn while they play, and when their senses are engaged.

Science has taught us that there is a strong connection between our noses and our brain, indeed, smells and our emotions.

As a mummy, Penny (co-founder of Little Legend) loved exposing her little girl to a variety of natural smells, but she couldn’t understand why there was no naturally-scented crayons on the market in Thailand. If there can be naturally scented, organic playdough, then surely we can create a pure, naturally-scented crayon from beeswax?

Crayons made from beeswax are so unique and wonderful – there aren’t many creatures in nature more important than the bee. Any mummy who wants the purest ingredients for her child, will choose a pure beeswax crayon (we hope!).

Penny consulted with a good friend of hers, a cosmetics scientist, and scent-creator called K. Karn, who loved the idea and became the maker of our Sensory Crayon! All in her little laboratory in Wong Wian Yai.

K. Karn (Kanpoohdiary) – A Magical Collaboration

When we approached K. Karn about this idea, her excitement for this project was overwhelming. We discussed making scents from natural, therapeutic aromas such as lavender flower. We wanted our scents to be meaningful, and impactful, potentially even calming for children who were unsettled, or uplifting.

K. Karn took to this project with her heart and soul, and together we came up with five colours, which would be made from a natural process, to be matched with their relevant scents. Yellow – lemon. Green – eucalyptus. Red- rose. Orange – orange. Finally, purple – lavender.

K. Karn told us that she loved the idea of creating a crayon which could benefit visually impaired children too. This was another huge source of motivation for her to collaborate with us. Each scent comes from essential oils, and each oil has its own unique, therapeutic benefits.

Such a beautiful collaboration it has been.

Sensory Crayon – The Packaging

Every detail is crucial to us, at Little Legend. We are bringing, in our opinion, one of the purest and most natural crayons money can buy. Yet, we wanted to give more than just a crayon to draw with at home. For us, the benefits of the crayon needed to be meaningful and long-lasting.

We have included in the Sensory Crayon box five individual eco-bags for each crayon. Why? We really value our crayon and these eco-bags are important for five big reasons:

  1. Maintaining the natural aroma
  2. Not getting the smell mixed up with other crayons
  3. Zero waste, ethically-sourced packaging teaches kids to care for their environment
  4. Sorting and classifying is something children can learn very early in life, each time they pack away their crayon, they’re becoming little, organized legends!
  5. The eco-bags are TRAVEL FRIENDLY! No mess in mummy’s bag and can be carried anywhere, on any journey. The perfect travel companion.

A Final Word From Us …

The speed which our little kids learn is astronomical, trillions of new connections are being made in their brains during the early years. Sensory experiences matter. That’s how our brains receive information in our pre-school years.

We not only wanted the purest crayons for your kids’ little fingers to grip, but each smell will trigger something in their brain. They will learn faster, be more engaged and even more emotionally balanced.

So yes, it was a long process making these crayons. Those busy bees had lots of work to do! But you can always count on us for one thing: our products will always be nature inspired, as pure as can be, and they will be designed to bring out the best in your children.

Great things take time, especially when using the purest ingredients from mother nature.

We hope you enjoy this multi-sensory experience with your children, and thank you for following us – your support means everything to us.

Finally, Finally!

We have made a video of “The Making of the Sensory Crayon” and you can watch it right here. We hope you can see the love that has gone into this product and we would like to thank the amazing Star Studios for filming and editing it – they’re a very skilled and professional outfit.

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