Animal Skeleton Playset πŸ’€πŸ¦΄



Skeletons are a symbol of spookyness at Halloween, but they can help our little scientists learn so much.

How often do we explore a creature’s skeleton?

Ever wondered how a frog jumps so high? Or…how an elephant can hold such heavy loads? Their skeleton has the answers!
Each creature has their own unique set of bones which are specially designed to help them survive and thrive.

This limited edition playset gives your child unique, long-lasting, sensory-rich learning tools.

  • NEW: Enjoy our BRAND NEW collection of playdough, with new colours and scents from Mother Nature.
  • NEW: Explore the details of each skeleton with our original animal skeleton stamps!
  • NEW: Check out our pure wooden learning plates with animal skeletons engraved.

Ideal for sensory exploration, animal life cycle activities, role playing, science study and so much more.

πŸ’€πŸ¦΄ Each playset includes:

  • Wooden learning plate x 4
  • Wooden stamp x 8 : bat, bird, deer, elephant, human, frog, giraffe, turtle
  • Natural loose parts : dried fern, cinnamon, dried bael, star anise, cardamom, coffee beans
  • “Deep Into The Woods” collection : 6 brand new dark colours of dough
  • Little Legend Play kit : rolling pin, wooden board, eco-bag

Safety rules:

  • Choking hazard – small loose parts.
  • Adult supervision required at all times for young children/toddlers.
  • Use learning tools with care, our wooden plates are strong and hard.

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