Free Download : Christmas Botanicals Pack

Little Legend is always inspired by nature, and at Christmas time we get to enjoy lots of natural symbolism.

Now we are thrilled to announce our latest collaboration with the amazing artist Aom Ziri (Ziristudio).

Together, we have created a collection of drawings named “Christmas Botanicals” – all for YOU to download for FREE. All drawn by the hand of the masterful Aom Ziri.


We are so excited to give away these free downloads, and spread the warm Christmas vibes to you.

Just add us on LINE, so we can connect with you, and you will receive a link to download all 11 images in the “Christmas Botanicals” collection, created by Little Legend and Ziristudio.

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If you love the artwork, Ziristudio has many more truly magical pieces of art, so don’t forget to add them too.

This collection could give your home a warm, Christmas feeling. Or it could be a meaningful gift for a loved one.

Enjoy! 💛

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Nature Inspired Play Activity 4: How do flowers grow?

Nature Inspired Play Activity 4 : How do flowers grow? 🌺🌿🌼🌳

It was Loy Kratong festival last week and our daughter brought home a cute, eco-friendly kratong from school – which sparked an idea for a play session with her.

🌻 Flowers and leaves are great loose parts and can be integrated into a nature themed activity. We decided to call this session: How do flowers grow? Inspired by a book we recently bought for her by #KatieDaynes.

Kids are always eager to play after coming home from school, and this activity had our daughter’s full attention. 🐝✨

We combined our naturally fragrant, organic playdough with a host of loose parts, including the hugely intriguing egg box. Kids seem to love playing with egg boxes and their various compartments, and it’s always a winner to have loose parts like buttons and pasta lying around – so we threw them into the session as well! 🥚🍝

We love to give our activities a theme. If you play themed sessions enough times, using the appropriate colours, their little brains will quickly connect the dots. Learning through play.

🌿 Playdough is suitable for countless activities, especially scented playdough, which helps engage and stimulates the brain. We used four colours in this session, yellow, orange, green, brown, all relating to the theme of soil, leaves and flowers.


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