Kids Classifying and Sorting With Pom Pom Balls!

PomPoms provide hours of fun and will teach your child fundamental skills in classifying and sorting.

Early years development is the most crucial phase of our growth as humans! As parents, it can be the most fun and rewarding time of our parenthood – as our little legends’ brains expand and their imagination runs wild. Finding activities to both stimulate the brain, and your child’s imagination, takes a lot of thought and preparation. Introducing concepts of Maths and Literacy through play is important, and fine-motor skills are essential for practical life. PomPom balls are a great tool to achieve all the above!

Before they learn about numbers, the little ones need to figure out what they are counting – and how to differentiate between similar things.

Thankfully, with a set of colourful PomPoms, together with some pincers, and cups, you have yourself an all-round, amazing activity for kids.

The different shades of colour will immediately capture your child’s curiosity, and the soft fabric will feel good on their little fingers. Next – it’s time to classify and sort. If the PomPoms are in different sizes, even better! You will have an abundance of possibilities as your child learns to sort and organize, whilst having heaps of fun.

Activity tip: Get a set of PomPoms, paper containers, and a pair of wooden pincers, and begin by placing different colours in different containers. Show your child how to use the pincers, and delight in their adorable attempts to pick up the PomPoms. Once your child can classify basic colours, move on to different shades of colour (light and dark) and then sorting the different sizes.

Little Legend work tirelessly to source natural materials that can help your child’s brain develop at the speed it’s capable, and spark their imagination through free, open-ended play and exploration. The Little Legend “PomPom Imagination Set”, will help develop your child in the following key areas, whilst they play:

  • Hand-eye coordination: being able to transfer the PomPoms into the containers with the wooden pincers.
  • Color identification and sorting: your child will quickly learn to place the PomPoms in the correct paper cups, matching the colours.
  • Fine-motor skills: this activity builds hand muscles and dexterity, which are essential for a proper pencil grasp.
  • Concentration: learning to sit patiently and focus on a task before it is completed.
  • Curiosity, exploration, creativity and imagination are stimulated through open-ended play.
  • Physical benefits: fine-motor control and co-ordination, using small tools, hand-eye co-ordination, exploring textures.
  • Maths: counting, sorting by colour.

The Little Legend “PomPom Imagination Set” provides a complete and varied set of colour-coded PomPoms, with the natural to inspire unlimited play sessions with your child.

The Little Legend PomPom Imagination set includes:

  • 1 wooden tray
  • 1 wooden pincers
  • 6 paper cups
  • 3 handmade large sensory PomPoms (different fancy colors)
  • 14 medium sized PomPoms (7 colors, 2 balls/ color)
  • 30 small sized PomPoms (7 colors, 5 balls/ color)
  • 7 natural white stone
  • 1 eco-friendly bag (to store the PomPoms)

Little Legend always searches for the best quality, natural materials because we believe that natural materials allow your child to grow a deep connection with the natural world around them.

***Please supervise your child when playing with this set, at all times.***

Learning With Colours & Homemade Playdough

Homemade playdough has been an integral part of early years development for decades. As science has advanced and our world has gone greener, playdough has evolved in magical ways. Playdough is our friend for so many reasons, but it really boils down to two things: cognition and creativity. You can make art with your child, ignite their creative fires, whilst inspiring their brain development.

Creativity is motivation in early years. The growth and development of an inspired child is truly boundless.

Why is colour important for brain development in early years?

Our world is bursting with colours. Colours are a doorway into the exciting world of verbal communication. When our children enthusiastically begin labeling objects “BLUE!’ and “GREEN!” it’s a special moment, and it’s a milestone in their cognitive development.

Children will begin to label colours, with your encouragement, as early as 18 months. Once they start, there is no stopping them, as long as we provide the inspiration they need.

Little Legend is your source of inspiration. Our 100% homemade Playdough Imagination Set gives you 9 colours, made with organic ingredients. Each playdough has a secret ingredient, which gives a unique aroma for the little ones to enjoy.

  • Red = salak
  • Orange = orange
  • Yellow = banana
  • Purple = grapes
  • Blue = jasmine
  • Light green = apple
  • Dark green = pandan
  • Brown = chocolate
  • Pink = strawberry

Why is playdough important for brain development in early years?

The moment you buy playdough for your child and show them the limitless possibilities, watch their brains light up. Sparks fly as their imagination runs wild. It will soon become an integral part of the day, and their childhood. Our Playdough Imagination Set is a positive family experience, which will enable deep parent/child bonding.

  • Inspires creativity
    Playdough feeds the imagination, which craves the freedom to play, mould, shape and explore! With this squidgy substance, your child can create anything their imagination desires. This will provide them with a constant source of positive energy and inspiration.
  • Develops fine motor skills
    All those important functions our children need at school; grasping things, drawing, writing, all require practice and there’s no better way to practice – than with playdough.
  • Improves focus and concentration
    Speaking from experience, this has really helped us with our daughter – who never stops moving. A session can last up to 30 minutes for our two-year-old daughter, which is a long time for her! The older and more focused your child, the longer these sessions will last.
  • Therapeutic and relaxing
    Let’s admit it – the squidgy substance is a great stress reliever for adults as well as children!

Our Playdough Imagination Set comes complete with:

  • 9 colours of playdough
  • 5 biscuit cutters
  • 1 roller
  • 1 wood cutting board

All the utensils in our Playdough Imagination Set provide extra fun, creativity and cognitive development for your children.

Please note: Playdough normally lasts 3-4 months if it is kept refrigerated. If left in room temperature, it will last 2-3 months on average.