Sweet Poppy: A Family Haven In Nonthaburi

The greatest discoveries lie beyond our doorstep, and in Bangkok, the beyond is usually 30-45 minutes drive. Nonthaburi may look a distance on the map, but in fact, once you’re on the highway, it takes no longer to get there than a journey to Asoke for most Bangkokians. So, hit the highway and make your way to Soi Samakee, where lies the imaginative jewel in the north of Bangkok, Sweet Poppy. We stumbled across Sweet Poppy thanks to a review in BKK MENU. We visited the venue, and spoke to the Australian owners.

Sweet Poppy’s vision is to offer great mostly organic food served with Australian style service – friendly, relaxed, yet efficient. This allows our customers to feel most at home, and to connect with each other and enjoy those special occasions – whether it’s a simple coffee with a friend, a birthday party, an anniversary or just some time to themselves.

Sweet Poppy

This is space is so well designed, it inspires, relaxes, and invigorates all at once. There is an abundance of refreshing, green bliss to be enjoyed in Sweet Poppy’s spacious garden kingdom.

Sweet Poppy is inspired by the famous café culture of Melbourne, Australia. The atmosphere is super chilled, with kids in their element, utilising the various play areas on offer within the grounds. This is not a frantic playground (like many I have experienced in Bangkok), it’s a peaceful oasis.

Sweet Poppy make full use of their magnificent space by organising events and hosting parties, making themselves a home for various communities.

As a large events space, we are able to host community based events like pilates/Hi-Fitness, arts classes, art exhibitions in our Studio and Sweet Poppy Field.  We will continue to host Guest Celebrity Chefs from Australia, introduce a seasonal menu rotation and offer different kinds of events. As a local business, we also support other local business with their offsite program needs for corporate meetings and team building – as an alternate to a regular hotel setting.

Sweet Poppy

There are multiple areas for kids to roam, with huge sand pits, swings, and a playground built out of wood.

The imagination of Sweet Poppy reveals an attention to detail which you can truly feel, as you watch your child become immersed this magical place.

It’s not only children who will appreciate Sweet Poppy, they provide an environment and a menu which is tailor made for adults to unwind, enjoy the excellent quality food and drinks, and have a rare opportunity to think. Sweet Poppy is a stress-free zone.

As for the food and drink, Sweet Poppy focus on quality over quantity. All delivered to a very high standard, and the price reflects the quality of ingredients used. It’s a place you’re willing to spend extra, for a high quality experience.

In the Nonthaburi area, there is limited choice of Western food, and nothing organic. This was selected as a suitable location for a truly Australian experience – simple food done well, organic where possible, a great space for events, families and activities, an in house bakery, and a store that sells special homeware from around the world.

Sweet Poppy

The on-site craft store sells hand-made products from around the world including pottery, postcards and paintings – and is well worth a look around. I managed to find some exceptional craft beer, a New England style IPA, in their cute little beer fridge.

Upcoming events at Sweet Poppy:
Guest Celebrity Australian Chef Charlie Carrington

Charlie will use organic, locally & sustainably sourced ingredients to serve a modern, exciting, Melbourne 5 course menu full of flavour – for two nights only

Sweet Poppy

Bangkok Families: Pumpkin Art Town

Pumpkin Art Town is the newest in a growing trend of picturesque family destinations in the surrounding areas of Bangkok, where kids can play, and parents can relax, have a beverage and eat good food. This space, located in Prathum Thani (45 minute drive minimum and three tollways!), has a strong focus on nature, with impressive trees, a pond, a cactus house, and a restaurant hugging the Chao Praya River.

The natural setting provides tranquility in its atmosphere and is perhaps the strongest reason to make the journey to Pumpkin Art Town. The playground is pleasant and basic, and some of the equipment is quite old, such as the car my daughter enjoyed driving (below).

Pumpkin Art Town prides itself on variety, with on-site accommodation, a Craft store, a restaurant, a space for party bookings, and perhaps best of all, Art and Craft workshops for families to enjoy together.

The three types of workshop available at Pumpkin Art Town are: Fiber Art Workshop (weaving, sewing), 3D Art Workshop (making things from play dough) and Basic Art Workshop (painting pots, making tote bags, creating visual displays with paper.)

Most the apparatus are made from wood, with climbing walls, rope bridges, sand pits, and swings all giving kids plenty to stay occupied. It’s not a huge playground space, so it can get quite chaotic on a weekend. It’s big enough though, and the fact it’s engulfed by nature is a major positive.

The menu in the Pumpkin Eatery restaurant is nicely varied, some Thai and international dishes. The prices are OK and the standard of food is also fairly good.

In summary, Pumpkin Art Town is a long way from central Bangkok, but there are some strong reasons to visit this space for a family day out. If your child is hyperactive like mine, just prepare some entertainment for the long car journey! For more picturesque family settings around Bangkok click here.

Little Legend rating (out of 5):

  • Location🌟🌟🌟🌟
  • Play equipment/Toys: 🌟🌟🌟
  • Restaurant (service, menu, quality): 🌟🌟
  • Travel Convenience: 🌟
  • Activities: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟